Team Experience
More than 250 years of experience in corporate finances, private equity and investment banking in Mexico.

Market Knowledge
Commitments for more than US$ 700 million in about 65 funds, with accumulated interest in over 350 companies.

Access to the best managers
Long-term business relations with the best managers in the industry.

Unique Experience in Private Equity
A team 100% dedicated to private equity, including organization, analysis, selection, execution, monitoring and reporting to investors, and capped off with a solid foundation compliance with current regulations. 

Integral Diversification
A defined strategy for the construction of portfolios for the purpose of optimizing the risk profile/return on investments from Fund of Funds.

Experience in the analysis of managers
Extensive experience in selecting managers thereby focusing on the key points of a fund’s success.

Corporate Governance
Decision making based on a board of advisors where 50% of the Management Board is independent.

Manuals and Investment policies
Compliance and risk management, which reports to the Audit Committee with manuals, a code of ethics and written politics,  for the purpose of  governing  the operation and policies  of Fund of Funds.




Fuente: Corporación Mexicana de Inversiones de Capital